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Islam in the West - Vistas on Citizenship, Belonging and Religious Status Coming soon with Shaykh Ruzwan

What is the status of Muslims currently living in the West in the light of Islamic legal theory? What are their roles and responsibilities to the countries of which they see themselves as integral parts? Has there been a change on how Muslim scholars discussed a ‘minority’ presence in ‘non-Muslim’ lands in the past and the present, and can we envisage further changes in religious fatwas given the ongoing prejudice that such communities feel they are subject to?

The rise of new civil movements based on ‘left wing’ ideology have provided vitality to aspects of Muslim engagement with wider society, yet it is also undeniable that this also sits uncomfortable with more conservative trends within religious discourse in general.

The presence of Muslim populations in lands that have majority non-Muslim citizens has in recent memory also given rise to what is referred to as ‘The Fiqh of Minorities’. For its proponents, this is a new area of Islamic law dealing with those legal cases and issues which have widespread relevance and require urgent attention for Muslims living in a situation of being a minority since such issues are now considered to be unavoidable (Umum al-balwa).

This course will take an in depth and nuanced look at: Ideas of citizenship and identity politics; ‘The Fiqh of Minorities’, The methodology of Islamic law and issue of minorities rights; Debates on Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb; General criticisms of Western Muslim’s exceptionalism; ‘Salafi’ and ‘Traditionalist ‘scholar’s fatawa on ‘Minority’ status.

The module will include selected Case studies:
Fighting for non-Muslim state Militaries against Muslim states; The permissibility of Muslims’ permanent residence in non-Muslim countries; The wife in a marriage embracing Islam; Interest based loans; Inheritance from non-Muslim relatives.

The beginning and the end - Explanantion of al fatiha and the last 10 surahs Coming soon with Shaykh Amer

The Quran is the book of God which every Muslim aspires to read and understand. If you are travelling and have a guide book, but can’t read the book, it will no be able to aid you on your travels; the information is there but you can’t access it!

“And we have sent down the Book to you as an explanation for everything, a guidance, a mercy and glad tidings for Muslims” [Quran 16:89]

“I leave behind me two things, the Quran and the Sunnah, if you follow them you will never go astray” (Bukhari)

Muslims are commanded to pray 5 times a day and to recite surah al fatiha in every unit of those prayers. Typically that means reciting al Fatiha around 29 times a day just in the prayers alone. That’s over 10,000 times a year! Yet for many of us, the meanings and hidden gems of this great chapter of the Quran remain unlocked and unaccessed. Isn’t that very unfortunate?

This course aims to unlock the meanings of not only surah al Fatiha (the greatest of all the chapters of the Quran), but also the last 10 chapters – the most memorised and recited chapters in our daily worship.

The Quran is a book which is not only meant to be recited with beautiful recitation but also a book to be pondered over with deep reflection. It is meant to guide the human throughout one’s life. How can one affectively do this without understanding the meaning of what they are reading? How would you feel if you could finally understand what you are reciting day in day out? Would you not like to communicate more effectively with your Creator? Wouldn’t you like to develop a deeper connection to your faith?

“The example of a people who recite the Qur’an and do not know its explanation is like a group of people who have a written message from their king that comes to them during the night, and they do not have a lamp. Therefore, they do not know what is in the message. The example of one who knows Tafsir (Quranic commentary) is like a person who comes to them with a lamp and reads to them what is in the message.” (Iyaas ibn Mu’aawiyah)

Join iSyllabus as we together unlock the hidden jewels contained in the most oft recited chapters of the Quran.

Past Courses

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The Final Journey - The practicalities of dealing with death, burial rites & inheritance matters This course took place in October 2021 with Shaykh Amer

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