At the Gates of Paradise – The Fast of Ramadan 2023 (On Demand)


Join Shaykh Amer Jamil and Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed for a course full of inspiration and learning which will put the spirit back into the practice-the heart back into the body.
Covering practical tips, in-depth Islamic Law, spiritual advice as well as contemporary day to day advice relating to Fiqh. It is a unique opportunity to fully benefit from Ramadan and the act of fasting.


At the Gates of Paradise – The Fast of Ramadan….On Demand!!
Enrol today and watch in your own time for up to 90 days!
Just some of the many topics covered:
How did previous religious communities fast and how does it differ from the fast of Islam?
What are the rulings on fasting for diabetics and others with medical complications?
Can we predict when the new month starts using Astronomy?
What does it mean to have your sins forgiven?
How can I make the most of this Ramadan?
Course Notes are available to view Online or purchase via Amazon!

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