Quranic Rules for Life – Social Ihsan & Tafsir of Sura al-Hujurat


The modern age has not shortage of people calling for change in society. Likewise, there is no shortage of people seeking to influence other’s decision making or behaviour in order to further their own agenda, be it political, economic, or emotional. While social media has revolutionised people’s ability to project their own interests (and influence others behaviour), this has also lead to the drowning out of the ancient wisdom of revelation. The modern age has created an unprecedented race to provide rules for life, yet the Sūrah al-Hujurāt (The Apartments) in the Quran stands apart as arguably the most potent agenda for social healing and reform by which to live our collective lives.

In contrast to the earlier revelations that dealt with topics such as the nature of the unseen and belief in God, the main focus of the later revelations was how such belief should be made into a lived reality within a community with all the practical political, social and economic challenges that this raises.

Al-Hujurat (The Apartments) stands apart as a particularly decisive agenda for social healing and reform. It sets down the social etiquette that is the prerequisite for a vibrant expression of communal faith. In doing so it can be seen as a blueprint towards Societal Ihsan, establishing the reverence due to Truth, and its sources. Placing Truth at its centre, the chapter then addresses those all pervasive social ills that undermine the idea of truth at its core. Lastly, it moves to establish the concept of the brotherhood of believers and in a wider sense, that of all humanity. In doing so, it draws a contrast between lip-service to the message and expressions of true faith and conviction. The result is a social manifesto of divine intent.

The current course provides students with a detailed pre-recorded study of the best classical and modern works from the tafsīr tradition, making use of the latest English translations of the Quranic text, supplemented with uniquely detailed resource notes. The final LIVE interactive session will grant students the chance to explore the practical ramifications of the chapter and how it grants Quranic Rules for Life.

What’s in the course?

  • 18 short class recordings (6 released each week)
  • In-depth study course notes containing extensive content translated from Arabic for the first time
  • Option to order printed notes via Amazon for the duration of course
  • 90 days access to content after completion of course
  • Live interactive Q&A with Shaykh Ruzwan covering content 
  • Masterclass in extracting practical Rulers for Life from the Quran. 

Teacher: Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed

Sessions are Pre-Recorded and will be available On Demand from the below dates:Week 1 (Sessions 1-6): Saturday 20th August 2022  Week 2 (Sessions 7-12): Saturday 27th August 2022Week 3 (Sessions 13-18): Saturday 3rd September 2002
Week 4: Saturday 17th September 2022 (Live Q&A) – 11am – 1.30pm
Cost: Early Bird £29 (offer ends Sun 14th August 2022) and Full Price £39
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