1 Year Diploma Online – Step by Step 2022/23


The path to Islamic knowledge is the most elevated journeys a believer can make. It is described as the surest way to Allah’s pleasure, and the steps taken in acquiring it are steps honoured by the angels spreading their wings, as if to ease the seekers road to Paradise.

iSyllabus has been running its flagship One year Islamic studies Diploma program across the UK on university campuses in over 11 cities. In this time it has set the benchmark for both the engaging teaching styles of its instructors, as well as having arguably the best English language Islamic studies materials which are selected specifically to make the learning of Islam relevant and focused for aspiring seekers of knowledge.

The move to online teaching is as inevitable as it can be daunting. With this in mind, iSyllabus has invested time and effort into insuring that its move online incorporates the facilities that allows all students to interact and learn in manner that suites their personal preferences and learning style.

To do this we have now created a bespoke online profile for our courses, incorporating the most advanced live streaming suite and personal student dashboards which allows catchup on demand of missed live sessions , live question
facilities with dedicated class facilitators, and much, much more.

Those that have completed our course in the past have described it as the best decision they have made in their life, mentioning that it has been life changing.

The course modules include – The Laws of Purity & Prayer, Towards a Tranquil Soul, Understanding the Divine Sources, Living the Law, Articulating Muslim Creed, Family and Society and The Tradition of Scholars.

Click this link for more detailed information about the modules- https://www.isyllabus.org/diploma-course/

So join us in your journey closer to your Deen, closer to Jannah, and closer to God Inshallah and join us as we take you through the iSyllabus Diploma ‘Step by Step’.

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1 Year Diploma – Step by Step Online Course Begins on Tuesday 5th October 2022

Teachers: Shaykh Ruzwan Mohammed & Shaykh Amer Jamil

There will be 3 Live lessons per week.

Lesson 1 & 2 – Every Tuesday (7pm – 9pm)

Lesson 3 – Every Wednesday (7pm – 8pm)

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